Virtual Home Selling Program

COVID-19 has us in quarantine to protect ourselves and the community from passing this nasty virus around, and we are all about social distancing to keeping Greater Lafayette, IN and beyond safe! While there might be some restrictions on our daily routine, the quarantine doesn’t have to stop you from progressing forward in your life! Many companies are moving business and meeting to online platforms, and the real estate market is one of those! Selling a home is still 100% possible during these unexpected days. In fact, homes are not only still selling, but they’re selling in minimal days with multiply offers.

We’ve created a specialized program to sell your home without having to do a lot of “in person” visits.  We help buyers and sellers transact from the comfort of their own residence.


As you can see from this visual, every avenue of the home selling process can be moved to an online platform. Here are some more details.

  • Virtual Meetings
    • Virtual Zoom meetings for listing presentation
      • Zoom is an online video conference tool that gives opportunity for groups to meet all over the world. We will “walk” you through setting up this free resource on your phone, tablet, or laptop. Then, we will “walk” through your home (literally) and the details of your home for the listing. We know all the right questions and things to look for to get the process moving! Experience gives us a leg up in this category.
  • Virtual meeting productions
    • Virtual video production
      • When it comes to showing your home, we can organize online walk-throughs to keep safety our priority. We have a network of people that’ll give your home plenty of online traffic and promotion.
  • Virtual staging
    • Professional photography and video staging
      • This is one of the most fun parts of our job, and we believe great photos are key to selling!
  • Virtual 3D Tours
    • Virtual tours of your home 24/7
      • Open houses, private showings, and more are possible through video!
  • Virtual signings and curbside closings
    • Electronic signatures and document signing
      • We use a secure platform that keeps privacy as our top priority. Many lawyers, banks, and other companies us it too. It is tried and true, and you’ll be in safe hands with the Romanski Group. We’ll do the contact work for your with banks and let you know how to access your documents.

Virtual home selling might not be for everyone. You will still have the option of doing any of the above in person with us safely. 

For every step of the process, we can make virtual an option to make things easier on you.

For up-to-date information on YOUR Indiana area neighborhood or a FREE Seller Consultation – call The Romanski Group at (765) 293.9200.  Using an experienced team is the way to get your home ‪SOLD‬! You deserve the BEST Realtor in the Lafayette Indiana area!

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