To-Do’s – Your January Home Checklist

Many people allow January to spark fresh ideas and new beginnings. It’s a time of refection on things past and vision for things to come. In Greater Lafayette, IN, January days are short and chilly, but your home could easily be a beneficiary of this winter-seeded zeal. These days are a great time to refresh your home’s existing spaces and project goals for 2022. Here’s a short checklist for a jump start!

Research and Plan this Year’s Projects

Let’s start with a plan! If this is the year to make moves toward an updated kitchen or bathroom, plan our your steps during these winter months! Guage pricing, formulate details for creative spaces, pick colors, etc.

Organize and Restock the House

These, “catch all” type spots in your home can seem daunting to tackle, but YOU GOT THIS!

  • Game closet
    • toss games or puzzles with missing pieces
    • donate games you don’t frequently play!
  • sock and warm layer drawers
    • toss all garments with holes and replace for the coming seasons
    • undershirts, pajamas, base layers, socks
  • pantry
    • donate unused, unintended canned items
    • toss outdated items
  • linen closet
    • sort through extra sheets, towels, blankets, lotions, soaps, etc. and donate to alleviate clutter
    • restock necessities such as toilet paper, Kleenex, toothbrushes, etc.

Refresh Toy Room

After so many new toys added to the mix for Christmas, the toy rooms probably need some love! Try rearranging, adding a fort, or storing some groups of toys in totes and occasionally swapping them out. Pull out broken toys or ones with missing pieces to get rid of clutter. Then encourage the kiddos to play in their new space during their winter, indoor woes!

Deep Clean Kitchen

After the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, your kitchen may need a serious scrub and reset. Use these indoor days to deep clean those cabinet fronts, the interior of the appliances, and clear out the refrigerator! Don’t forget the hood and coils too.

Protect Pipes

Pipes facing the exterior walls of your home are subject to freeze at the subzero temperatures January and February bring. Trust us- you do not want to repair broken pipes. The damage can be costly and extensive. On nights with deep dipping temps, run a trickle of water through them. Slightly warm water moving through them give keep the pipes from freezing! You can also insulate those pipes to help keep them from freezing!

We hope this quick list jump starts you into you home’s hopes and dreams for 2022!

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