Real Christmas Tree Care Tips

Fraser Fir, Caanan Fir, Scotch Pine, White/Concolor Fir… we love them all! Many Greater Lafayette, IN Tree farms produce of all types of pine tree varieties. We know you probably have a favorite kind, but honestly, it doesn’t matter what type of real Christmas tree you select for your home… The true goal is always to keep it from drying out as long as possible. With proper care, your tree can last weeks after being cut! Here are a few tips for keeping your real tree fresh and fragrant!

This list is inspired by an article by Good Housekeeping! Click here to read it!

  1. Select a tree that looks healthy! It’s worth the time spent on the farm scoping out the best tree available. Get one that’s full looking. Maybe even gently run your finger over a branch or 2 to make sure that it’s not already drying out before you get it home.
  2. Cut and shake the tree. Most local farms will help you prepare the your tree for your home by shaking it for you with a fancy machine they have available. Trim the tree trunk slightly (about 1 inch) to place it into the stand. This ensures no resin build up on the cut to keep water from absorbing into the trunk.
  3. Place the tree in your home away from heat sources! It keeps the tree from drying out. Lowering the temperature in your home or keeping a humidifier running might help keep it too.
  4. Water, water, water! Once the tree is up, make sure to place water immediately into the stand. Then, proceed check it daily. Water should always cover the bottom of the stump. FYI, trees will absorb more water in the beginning of the Christmas season. As the weeks go by, it’ll need less and less water.
  5. After Christmas, take your tree down before it completely dries out. It keep your pine needle clean up to a minimum, and it also keep your tree from becoming a fire hazard! Recycle your tree by turning it into mulch, compost, or firewood!

Proper care for a real pine tree in your home is essential! We hope these tips help you maintain your tree as long as possible, and we wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas!

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