There are two main property tax exemptions that most homeowners may qualify for:  Homestead & Mortgage.  There are several other property tax exemptions that may be available to you as well.


1 – Homestead Exemption

The homestead exemption simply means you are living in the home as your primary residence and it is not a rental house, vacation house, etc.  This is by far the most valuable deduction and can save you up to 50% on your property tax bill.  The homestead deduction is now filed for you in most counties at closing through the sales disclosure, but this is a great time to verify with the county that it is indeed recorded.

2 – Mortgage Exemption

The second common deduction is the mortgage exemption.  This deduction is available to homeowners who have a mortgage attached to their property.


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Nobody likes paying a dime extra in taxes. Yet when it comes to property tax bills, some homeowners pay too much simply because they aren’t aware they qualify for an exemption.  Deductions are not given automatically, you must apply for them in the Auditor’s office.

If you bought or refinanced your house this year…call to verify that this exemption has been recorded!


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