Sellers: Time For The Inspection

Home inspections cover hundreds of details!

We’re here to simplify the information and cover the fundamentals.  It includes observation and operation of the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical, and appliance systems, as well as structural components, such as the roof, foundation, basement, exterior and interior walls, chimney, doors and windows.

So when you’re home is listed for sale we must start with the obvious:  cleanliness.  An unkempt house gives the impression that the owners neglect regular maintenance.

  • Be sure to clean your home thoroughly!
  • Before the inspection remove laundry in the washer or dryer.
  • Put away dishes from the sink and clear from the dishwasher.
  • Sweep floors
  • Clean vents and air ducts

Female hand wiping dining table


Minor blunders should also be given attention.

  • Repair small items such as:
  • Leaky faucets
  • Loose door handles and knobs
  • Replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Redo caulking or grout


You can also address the major deficiencies by either fixing them or stating up front that you are aware of them and that the selling price has been adjusted accordingly. 

  • Be sure all utilities are connected and running- electricity, gas, oil, water… this is critical for inspectors to test heating & cooling systems, appliances, plumbing, and more.
  • You will also want to clear areas near attic accesses; crawl space accesses and move belongings that may be against the walls in the garage.  The inspector will need to view the walls for pests including termites.

To wrap up:  a good rule of thumb is to have your home in tip-top shape half an hour early, just in case the inspector is early.  Gather together any documents or information on previous inspections.  It’s best if children and pets aren’t around during the inspection; schedule ahead for a babysitter or family member to watch them elsewhere during this time.

Getting a pre-listing whole house home inspection is a great way to streamline a real estate transaction.  It will also keep you as the seller from feeling like your  experience of selling a home is spiraling out of control. The more deficiencies that  are corrected before listing, the cheaper they will be to fix, and the better your  buyer will feel about your property.”  – Chris Metzger, Licensed Home Inspector with Harmony Home Inspections

A thorough home inspection covers more than 1,000 items, everything from the foundation to roof and takes two to three hours depending on the size of the property. The report should reflect the condition of about 400 items.

If you are considering selling your home call on The Romanski Group!  We take a different approach to real estate; one built upon personal touch, win-win philosophy and positive results. The real difference is that we offer leading edge technology combined with experience and integrity. Our team is comprised of dedicated professionals specializing in each phase of real estate.

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