Fast and Financially Rewarding Sale

Preparing Your Home for a Fast and Rewarding Sale

If you are considering selling your Lafayette area home…it’s time to get prepared and roll out the welcome mat.  This is an exciting decision in most situations.  Whether your family is ready to “move on” or “move up”, there are a number of things you can do prior to putting your home on the market that will improve your selling experience and give buyers a view of your home they will value more.  Consider these simple suggestions to help you sell quicker and for a financially rewarding sale.

1. Tidy up and Depersonalize

We all get comfortable in our own homes and collect a lot of things.  Before rushing to put your home on the market, put on your “buyer’s hat” and think about what people will see when they look at your home. Buyers considering your property are likely viewing your home along with several other properties.  It is somewhat like a dating process. Think of all the things that made you fall in love with your home when you bought it, and try to reproduce that feeling for a buyer.  Allow a buyer to imagine themselves in your home by depersonalizing and removing excess family photos and decorations.  Clutter is your worst enemy.  Pack up and store extra clothes in your closets, off season coats, extra blankets and shoes, etc.  You might as well go ahead and pack up all of your special keepsakes, china, extra household items – anything that you don’t need on a day to day basis.

2. Minor Upgrades Can Make a Huge Difference

The age and condition of your home’s fixtures can be a deterrent for a buyer.  Perhaps it’s time to upgrade those worn faucets and upgrade that lighting from the 1980’s.  Perhaps your carpet is in need of not just a shampooing but replacement to give a fresh clean look.  Take a quick walk around the exterior of your home and see if you need to power wash, repaint trim and shutters and clean up the landscaping to make a great first impression.  By investing some time and as little as a few hundred dollars in your, you can potentially get that quick sale.

3. Repaint and Refresh

Now is a good time to make an assessment of the condition of your home’s paint.  Whether it is a whole house exterior project or just touching up scuff marks throughout the house, this cosmetic improvement will come back to you ten folds.  Consider going with a neutral scheme that appeals to most buyers.  Browse around Pinterest, home improvement magazines or consult with a local paint store to find a good neutral palate for your home before you put your home on the market.

4. Ask Your Agent and Stage it to Sell

Your REALTOR is your best resource for advice and has been in hundreds of homes.  Ask your agent how you can best improve your home before it hits the market.  Sometimes rearranging furniture or removing some pieces of furniture or artwork can make a big impact to maximize a room.  If your home is vacant, we have a list of suggestions that we can provide you that will help your house feel more homey for potential buyers that are looking.


The Real Honest Truth:

It’’s tempting to “tell you what you want to hear”, but integrity and a professional opinion on the condition of your home and price are in your best interests.  Preparing your home to sell from the start is one of the strongest tools you have in getting top dollar and a quick sale”! Listen to your agent’’s professional input and recommendations.  Then make an educated decision and let the agent get on top of things at the start.

For more questions or for a specific update on YOUR neighborhood – call The Romanski Group at (765) 404.5095 for a FREE Seller Consultation.  We use a systematic approach to determine the most accurate market value. Using an experienced team is the way to go to get your home ‪SOLD‬!  Don’t you deserve the BEST Realtor in the Lafayette Indiana area?!

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