6 Negotiating tips: Part 3

business people shaking hands in office

5. Include a personal letter with your offer

Sellers may get multiple offers on their property, and if they all look very similar, it may be hard for them to decide which offer to accept. If thats the case, your offer will blend right in with everyone else’s. This is why you should not just send an offer, but make yours stand out with a personal story and picture of your family.

Sending a personal letter with a picture gives the seller a chance to connect with you. The Seller bought that home with intent to make memories too. The idea that they can pass it off to someone else who will love it and cherish the memories they can make with it is something they will connect with. This might be the extra leg up you need to win the house. Every little bit helps!

6. Interview! Interview! Interview!

We cannot stress this enough. DO NOT choose the first agent you come to JUST because you do not want to take the time to interview others. Not all agents will go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Agents are supposed to be on your side, not you on theirs.

It is so very important when negotiating to make sure your agent knows you like a close friend. If an agent does not want to personally get to know you, then they won’t be able to know how to think when helping you negotiate for the home you want. You want to be able to take comfort in knowing your agent will speak for you and the things you want when communicating with other sellers. It is important to have a realtor who will spend the extra time and go the extra mile for you.