6 Negotiating tips: Part 2

business people shaking hands in office

  1. Dig a little deeper

Don’t be afraid to ask the seller specific questions about the family selling the house. You should also ask about the house itself and the surrounding area. The more you know about your seller the better you can adjust your offer. Things like:

– Is the seller in the process of a divorce?

– Are they are moving and need a quick closing?

– Even personal reasons to why they want to leave the area.

The answer to these questions all play huge a role when tailoring your offer.

This means asking a listing agent and seller lots of questions! Be sure you are working with Lafayette, IN realtors. Lafayette, IN realtors know the area. A Lafayette, IN realtor can help you deliver your questions and will know how you should interpret their answers.

4.  Real estate agents may just save your future

Communicating a request to a seller’s agent can be a rookie move. When you are doing it on your own.There are many real estate specific terms that you may have no idea what they mean, or the weight that they carry. It is almost detrimental not to have a realtor there during all of your communication with buyer or sellers.

Lafayette, IN real estate agents have mastered the terminology. They know how to negotiate and fight for you want. They also know the right way to convey what you’re wanting. In return, they can explain the outcome in terms that will help you better understand. Realtors in Lafayette, West Lafayette, and Tippecanoe County will be able to get you the best deal, and catch any red flags that may pop up.

Going into the housing market without our Lafayette, IN real estate team on your side to help you, is like stepping onto the field without a coach. You just wouldn’t do it! No one is rooting for you to find your perfect home more than your Lafayette, IN real estate agent. They are the best at helping you negotiate for what your family wants, needs, and loves.

To be Continued…