3 Types of Plants Best for Indiana Weather

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Living in the midwest and trying to keep up with your landscaping can sometimes be frustrating. Being in an area with such different seasons, can make it hard to decide which plants to use. The plants you use can affect how good your house looks and if you are getting the most out what you bought.

When looking to improve the curb appeal of your home, here are three plants to keep in mind while you are out shopping:

  1. Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’

Even just the name makes me want to buy it. The plant has giant masses of flowers with light gray-green foliage. In midsummer it produces green broccoli-like buds. These buds open up into large pink flowers which turn to a deep rusty red in the fall.The plant can grown up to 24 inches tall and needs to be in an area it can get full sun.

This plant is perfect if you want to put your house up for sale near the middle of summer through the beginning of fall. It will give your house that warm and colorful look you may have been missing.

  1. Opuntia ‘Compressa’

The second plant to look for when shopping to improve your curb appeal is an Opuntia ‘Compressa.’ This plant is one you will want to plant when trying to sell your house in the spring time and early summer. This is the time when this cactus is budded with bright yellow flowers. Yellow is a bright and warm color that would attract and look perfect when trying to add some dimension to your curb appeal.

This plant doesn’t take much maintenance because it is a cactus. It is a perfect addition to a rock garden. This plant will grow to about 12 inches and also needs full sun exposure and mostly dry soil.

  1. Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’

Sedum ‘Purple Emperor’ is another one you would want if you are trying to improve your curb appeal. It is also one to plant when trying to sell your house during the end of summer and beginning for fall. This plant has a dark purple foliage, with a pink-purple flower overlay on top. The blooming season for this Sedum is generally long ranging from mid-summer to early fall.

The Sedum attracts beautiful butterflies and doesn’t need must care. It can even survive in drought like conditions. For best results, it is recommended to pair with a brightly colored foliage plant. This plant grows to about 15 inches and needs full sun exposure and dry soil.

When looking to improve your curb appeal be sure to check with a Lafayette, IN real estate team who can provide you with more resources and better options on how to easily improve your curb appeal.