10 Simple and Cheap Landscape Facelift Ideas

Curb appeal in your front yard is as important in your front yard as functionality is in your backyard! So, we’re here to help you make your Lafayette, IN area home jump from winter drab to spring-y fab. Here are a few tips and tidbits for your yard and patio.


  1. Plant perennials. This one requires some work the first year, but perennials are a gift that keep on giving. You plant these shrubs and flowers, and they come back for a visit every year. Since all species of plants bloom at different times of the year, you can strategically place different type of shrubbery in your yard, and design it to have blooms all year long. If you’re into that sort of thing, of course. Click here to view an extensive list of perennial flowers!
  2. Spread some mulch or rock between your planted perennials. Mulch, depending on your yard size, can be a simple task. Putting it up against the house provides a color contrast which gives your home some zest and curb appeal. Plus, it fills space between plants, smoothing your design. You have to replace mulch every few years, but it makes your yard look revived every time! Rock is a more concrete decision.
  3. A nice bird feeder hung from a tree provides some airy aesthetic to your yard. Wildlife really complete the natural look we’re going for. Just be sure not to hang it too close to you herb garden. Wildlife can be a hindrance to growing crop.
  4. Trim it up. This might be a given, but it’ll shock you how much a freshly mowed lawn and some neatly framed shrubs or trees really spruce the place up. Taking a pressure washing to all decks, patios, pathway, sheds, and even the siding on the house make a major difference, too.
  5. New patio furniture/pillows/cushions/rugs always give the patio a little extra glam.
  6. Add some lights. Speaking of glam- bring on the string lights or the path lamps.
  7. Wack those weeds. Round-up is a freshly maintained yard’s best friend. You can also use a homemade blend of dawn dish soap and vinegar. Check out that recipe! Don’t forget the cracks in your driveway or sidewalk!
  8. Hanging pots/planters, potted plants on the porch, or boxed window planters are all great ways to bring in some color for those with commitment issues. You can plant your annuals in there, and then next year, pick out something completely different! Not to mention- they all add depth to the landscape, bringing your eyes to many points in the yard.
  9. Give the deck a fresh coat of stain. The wear through the winter tends to dull your deck/patio’s appearance, so roll up those sleeves for a quick once over with fresh stain/paint.
  10. Consider adding some accessories such as a bench, fire pit, a stone pathway, or an arbor/trellis.

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