Turkey Run State Park

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If you’re looking for an adventure, there’s one right in our backyard. With only a little country drive 50 miles south of Greater Lafayette, IN, West Central Indiana surprises visitors with an unexpected cluster of land formations deep in the rolling hills and trees. Turkey Run State Park harbors gorgeous gorges, unique natural enigmas such as the Ice Box, beautiful trails with foliage and prairie views, historical lessons, and so much more. This place is worth a visit. In fact, we’ll meet you down there!

History of Turkey Run State Park

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According to the Turkey Run website, this 2,382 acre land purchase was Indiana‘s second state park. The acres surround the banks of Sugar Creek, which we can give some credit to for the amazing land formations we see today. There are many back stories to the land acquisition and it’s roots through Native American involvement, a man named John Lusk, and even it’s founding geological possibilities. You can read more about that in the Turkey Run History Brochure. Turkey Run currently displays and preserves the pure, untouched beauty of the once forest ridden land “Indiana” was before it became our heart of farmland.

Amenities of Turkey Run State Park

This photo came from the Turkey Run Facebook!
  • 15 miles of marked trails
    • These trails range from Easy to rugged. View amazing sycamores, walk along Sugar Creek, stumble upon a covered bridge, waltz the ladders through the Bear and Rocky hollows, and so much more. Learn more about each trail and it’s difficulty level here!
  • Full annual season passes available with access to all Indiana State Parks. Click here for all entrance pricing.
  • Turkey Run Inn sits within the gates of Turkey Run State Park, offering you a fully immersed, getaway weekend. Click here for room availability and more general information!
  • Into camping or glamping? We’re not here to judge your style! Click here for all the information you need to know to get your spot reserved and rates of any overnight stays on the property!
  • Turkey Run nestles up to Shades State Park and isn’t too farm from Lake Waveland. Click each name to see more information on both additional adventures waiting out there for you to experience.
  • Other! Click here for more!
    • Public pool during the summer
    • Meeting and conference centers
    • picnic tables throughout the park. Click here to reserve a shelter.
    • An indoor nature center
    • Lusk Home
  • Daily events and family fun! Click here for the calendar.

Once your day adventure is done, we recommend you check out the Gobbler’s Knob Sweets, Eats, and Mercantile. Just off the property of Turkey Run State Park, Gobbler’s Knob is your stop to complete the family fun. Click here for location, hours, and reviews offered by Google.

Hours, Location, and Reviews of Turkey Run State Park

8121 Park Rd, Marshall, IN 47859

Turkey Run State Park is open everyday from 8:00 A.M. – 11:00 P.M.

Facebook, Google, and Yelp are all helpful places to find reviews!

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