Top Tips for First Time Homebuyers

Home ownership is an admirable step into the American Dream. However, if you’re a first time home buyer, there might be some mystery looming about the process. There really are so many facets to purchasing a home, but once you understand it all, it’s smooth sailing. That’s what we’re here for. We want you to know exactly what you’re getting into, and we even have some tips for you to start with!

  1. Shop around for a lender. We have a recommendations that we love to work with who’ve taken great care of our clients. Ask questions about things such as earnest money, PMI, loan selling, and types of loans.
  2. You do not need 20% down to purchase a home. There are many mortgage options allowing from 0% down (USDA and VA loans), 3.5% down (FHA) and 5% or more down options with Conventional financing. Click here to view the difference between them all!
  3. Hire a Romanski Group Real Estate Agent to represent your best interests.
  4. Don’t move too quickly! Be patient. You might need to make a list of totally non negotiables, but let the rest go.
  5. Set a budget and do not exceed your budget! Diligence in this area gives freedom in the buying process because you know exactly what you can and cannot afford.
  6. When looking at houses, be sure to take in the neighborhood as well! Here are a few tips on that.
  7. Building a home is also an option as a first time homebuyer. Contact The Romanski Group for a list of recommended home builders in the Greater Lafayette area.

Periodically, our team organizes a First Time Home Buyers event where you can meet and greet our team and get to know us! We are happy to answer you questions at any time.

For up-to-date information on YOUR Indiana area neighborhood or a FREE Seller Consultation – call The Romanski Group at (765) 293.9300.  Using an experienced team is the way to get your home ‪SOLD‬! You deserve the BEST Realtor in the Lafayette Indiana area!

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