Top 5 Pizzerias of Greater Lafayette

According to, “94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly” and of that 94 percent, “36 percent of all pizza orders want their pizza topping pepperoni.”

Well, Lafayette, IN has an amazing selection pizzerias. And whether you’re in that pepperoni category or not, we want you to be informed on where to get the best pizza around here! So, here are the top 5 pizzerias in Lafayette, IN, you know, according to our professional, foodie opinion.


Best Pizza of Lafayette, IN

  • Bruno’s Pizza and Big O’s Sports Room (West Lafayette, IN): A Lafayette, IN staple. We love Bruno’s! Go there to watch the next Boiler football game, and be sure to order Bruno Dough! Don’t forget about Bruno’s specialty dessert pizzas. They’re unique and amazing. Try the one with peanut butter, mozzarella cheese, and chocolate chips! Click here for more information on Bruno’s!
  • Azzip Pizza (Lafayette, IN): This is Lafayette, IN’s best build-your-own style pizzeria. You order at the counter and walk through an assembly line of toppings and flavor combinations, building it as you go. Azzip offers plenty of creative pizza suggestions, but they really encourage your own artistic pizza building style! The creator of Azzip Pizza is a Purdue University graduate. So that, of course, makes this one close to home! Click here for more information on Azzip!
  • Cafe Literato (West Lafayette, IN): Known for the great stone fired pizza! Cafe Literato is also an espresso bar and specialty sandwich shop. You’ll love the atmosphere here.
  • Puccini’s Smiling Teeth Pizza and Pasta (West Lafayette, IN): More “exotic” topping choices such as goat cheese, chorizo, cilantro, and more! They also have many pizza topping combination suggestions for you to try. They are a full Italian Food restaurant, so the entire family will find something to eat here!
  • Arni’s Pizza (Click here to view the various locations around Greater Lafayette and beyond!): We can’t do a pizza highlight without mentioning this one. Arni’s chops their toppings into small pieces, and they pile the them high! This is a Lafayette, IN family favorite forever and ever. It’ll be another great choice for feeding your family. We’ll meet you at Arni’s!


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