Taco Tuesday in Greater Lafayette, IN

Let’s talk-o ’bout tacos! Who doesn’t love them?! T-shirts, memes, life quotes, coffee mugs, and more about tacos (and them being a part life’s necessity for survival) are all over the place. Here are a few funny ones we found:

  • “Tacos are life.”
  • “If you had to choose between tacos and being skinny for the rest of your life- would you choose hard of soft?”
  • “Save the earth. It’s the only planet with tacos.”
  • “Life without tacos is like not living at all.” – Unknown

Tacos are amazing, and we are definite participants in tacos at home, tacos on the go, tacos everywhere, yo! There are a few places here in Greater Lafayette, IN who, as a special on Tuesdays, have $1 tacos or some sort of specialty dish to celebrate the not-so official holiday. We hope you enjoy the blend of Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican cuisines Greater Lafayette, IN has to offer!

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