Superbowl Games and Crafts for Kids

Are you hosting a Superbowl party in your Lafayette, IN area home? We are here to help you with the party planning! Adults that come to your party will be entertained by the game, food, and commercials. The kids, however, will be interested in one quarter of football and maybe the JT halftime show, but what about the rest of the game? Therefore, here are a few Superbowl game and craft ideas for entertaining the masses in your home during your party!


  • Pin the football in the field goal: Tape a field goal on a wall with painter’s tape, and cut out some footballs from construction paper. Blindfold each child, spin them around, and have them pin the football in the field goal. This is a good old fashioned game of pinned the tail on the donkey, but made new and fresh!
  • Foam Finger and mini mega phone: Foam fingers can be cut from construction paper easily, and a megaphone requires a cup and some things to decorate the cup with. These activities need minimal supplies, and they don’t take up much time or energy from the chaperones. Therefore, it makes for a great time killer for kids!
  • Football snack bags: This link has a recipe for a popcorn and M&M mixture, but you can fill these bags with anything. You can also create these bags with the kids! They would love the adventure. Then each child can decorate their bag with some construction paper to make it look like a football!
  • Minute to win it games! These are great for any party, and they are fun for all ages and sizes! You’ll need some small prizes, but here is a link to ideas for games. Each game only lasts a minute, so make sure you pick out a few to fill the time, but don’t feel like you have to do them all! You’ll be roaring with laughter as you watch your friends and family complete against each other in silly games!
  • Football “I Spy” : The link provides a printable of a football “I spy” game. As you watch the game together you can hunt for certain items and the first to fill their board wins!

We hope that you ultimately enjoy your time together watching the game!

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