Steakhouses of Greater Lafayette, IN

Steakhouses are great for many things. They’re perfect for a celebratory dinner, a grand date night, or even a business dinner to impress. Or maybe you’re in a situation warranting a, “Treat yo’ self” attitude! Regardless, the Greater Lafayette, IN area doesn’t disappoint in this realm. Options abound, local favorites or consistent chains are both available. Here are the places to consider the next time you have need for a steakhouse!

Local Steakhouse Restaurants

  • McGraw’s Fish, Chop and Steakhouse (West Lafayette, IN): McGraw’s tickles any fancy for dinner dates, conference meals, or celebratory occasions. Tucked away from all things city, sitting directly on the Wabash River, intimacy is its main game. The food is amazing too! Dinner includes options such as Ahi Tuna, filets, pork chops, and many other amazing specials and lovely sides. Basically, we can’t recommend it enough! Click here to view the menu and any other information you might need.
  • Mountain Jack’s Steakhouse (Lafayette, IN): Mountain Jack’s is a Lafayette, local, long standing steakhouse favorite. The menu includes award winning, drool worthy prime rib, crab cakes, lobsters, steak cuts, and more. They also serve up fun, but traditional, unique flavor combinations in appetizers, side dishes and desserts. Click here to view the menu, hours and other information about this Lafayette restaurant!

Chain Steakhouse Restaurants

While we’re always going to point you to the local favorites, we totally understand the benefit to chain restaurants. We’re thankful that Lafayette, IN is booming enough to house so many great franchises! Here are your options for any dinner night out!

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