Spring Cleaning in Greater Lafayette: Donation Locations

“The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) conducted a poll that suggests nearly 65 percent of Americans feel their home is at least somewhat disorganized. Clutter, however you define it, can be bad for your health. According to Psychology Today, people tend to feel like life is out of control when they surround themselves with more things than they can manage. The mess causes stress. If you’re not taking care of the clutter in your home, you may not be taking care of yourself either.”

(These stats are from an very extensive decluttering article by a website called The Budget Dumpster)

So, if you’re going to declutter, where do you take your things? Here are some convenient places in the Lafayette, IN area to take your donation-worthy items.

  • Habitat Restore (Lafayette, IN): The Restore is perfect for any working home appliances, old kitchen cabinets, doors, doors frames, furniture, paints that are still good, light fixtures, windows, outlet covers, toilets, showers, shower heads, or anything else that can be reused in the construction or decoration of a home. Habitat for Humanity helps low income families all over Lafayette build affordable, quality homes.
  • Trinity Mission (Lafayette, IN): Trinity mission pours all their profits right back into our community. The most notable and tangible thing that this place supports is a Bible based men’s rehab home in Crawfordsville. This is a great organization!
  • Salvation Army (Lafayette, IN): This is another local branch with very tangible and direct influence on the community it supports. According tho their website, “Salvation Army programs each day assist the homeless, addicted, poor, afflicted, elderly and less-fortunate youth in our community.”
  • Goodwill (Lafayette, IN, South Lafayette, IN and West Lafayette, IN): Goodwill is most notable for it convenience in location. It’s located in both Lafayette and West Lafayette, and they do provide many jobs to the area. Goodwill also takes used cars!

Happy declutter-ing!

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