Spotlight on the Long Center of Performing Arts


Theaters have their own personality, and they themselves seem to tell a story. The walls are intricate, each theater having its own unique design. The seats are customarily velvet and wonderful, and they position you to see the stage from any point of view in the building. There is nothing like watching a performance in a packed-full venue. The benefits abound: stillness together, laughter together, and the final “Hooray” at the end of a great show. There are many moments to remember when you see a show at the theater!

Fortunately, the long time residents of Lafayette, IN have an appreciation for the arts. We have our very own Center for the Performing Arts right here named The Long Center.


History of the Long Center

The Long Center of Performing Arts website provides this information:

“After the Dryfus Theater was destroyed by fire in 1914, Lafayette was without a legitimate playhouse until 1920 when the Luna Amusement Company announced plans to construct a new theater. Designed by Nicol, Scholer and Hoffman and built by A.E. Kemmer, the building is a significant architectural example of the Neo Classical design.  It was christened the Mars Theater after a rural Lafayette woman submitted the name in a contest that won her $25…

Although the Mars Theater was originally built as a vaudeville house, just six years after its opening, the Roaring 20’s revolution of talking movies soon upstaged the touring troupes.  The period’s top names were familiar faces on the silver screen.

The Mars continued operating primarily as a movie house until 1977 when Mr. Irving Long, president of the 4th Avenue Amusement Corporation donated the theater to the city as a memorial to his father, Purdue alumnus, Dennis H. Long. The City changed the name to the Long Center for the Performing Arts to recognize the Long family’s generosity.”

Today, the City of Lafayette owns the building and the Long Center Inc. manages it. Renovations happened in 2000, and there are more to come over the next few years!


Up and Coming Shows and Events at the Long Center

Of course, we don’t want to leave you hanging without some information on the up and coming shows. Actually, this Saturday, December 8th, 2018 the Sound of Music shows at 6:00 P.M. Click here for tickets and use the code SANTA for 50% off! Then, the Lafayette Ballet performs the Nutcracker January 5th & 6th, 2019. Click here for more information on that!

“The Long Center is home to Lafayette Symphony Orchestra and the Long Center Theater Organ Society’s 3 manual, 21 rank, Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ. Many other arts organizations frequently perform on the stage of the Long Center including: Purdue Bands, Purdue Musical Organizations, Purdue Convocations, The Lafayette Ballet, the Passion Play, Wabash Valley Youth Symphony and many others.”

Consider the Long Center of Performing Arts for your next event. This is a very cool wedding venue, too! Click here to view more information about the facility and rentals!

There are many opportunities to see a show at the theater here in Lafayette, IN! So, be sure to take advantage of this treasure!


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