Spotlight on the Jerry E. Clegg Botanic Gardens

East of Lafayette, IN, there are some hilly, windy roads, taking you near the Wildcat Creek. When you drive out of town on Creasy Dr., within less than a mile, there are two beautiful parks along the Wildcat Creek. Just after crossing I-65, you’ll come to a fork in the road. One way takes you up hill to the beautiful Clegg Botanic Gardens, and the other takes you to the Wildcat Creek Park. Both are special in their own way, but today, we want to introduce you to The Botanic Garden and everything it has to offer!

About the Clegg Botanical Gardens

Here’s a break down of the history according to the website:

“The public garden began as private property, owned by Harold and Ruth Clegg, purchased in the late 1930’s… After the death of their only son, the Clegg’s decided, supported by Mary Fouse Peyton, a close family friend, to convert the private garden into a Memorial Garden in honor of their son, Jerry. On April 18, 1965 the Clegg family opened the property to the public…

Jim Peterson served as property steward of Clegg Memorial Garden beginning in 1966.  Later he stepped into the role of Treasurer for the Clegg Memorial Garden Board of Directors. Jim remained with Clegg Garden, living on site and tending the property, until the management transferred from Clegg Memorial Garden to NICHES Land Trust in 2014, nearly 30 years of dedicated service to the Clegg Memorial Garden.

The Clegg cottage, once country retreat, then private home for the property manager, now houses NICHES Land Trust administrative offices. NICHES modernized the building and transitioned the garden to a native garden. NICHES hosts events throughout the year at Clegg Garden.”

Niches Land and Trust Website

Now that you know the beginnings, here are a few extra pieces of information just to keep in you mind when you plan a trip to this unique part of Greater Lafayette:

  • Parking is across 400 from the entrance to the gardens.
  • This property is 16.5 acres, containing a 1.5 mile winding trail hike.
  • There are some stairs, but it is not a hard hike at all.
  • This memorial botanical garden contains ecosystems such as prairie, oak, and woodlands.
  • Right now, you should even keep your eyes open for some morel mushrooms!

For more, detailed information, visit their website at this link: NICHES land and Trust Website

Clegg Botanic Gardens Hours, Location, and Reviews

This public park is open from 8:00 A.M – 8:00 P.M. everyday.

N 400 E, Lafayette, IN 47905

You can find helpful reviews on Facebook, Google, or Yelp.

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