Spotlight on Tapawingo Park

Just outside of Purdue University‘s campus, sits one of our favorite parks. Its location, right on the edge of the Wabash River gives this little park plenty to offer the community. Fishing opportunity, access to the John T. Meyers Pedestrian Bridge, and even its own ice skating rink are just pieces of the fun. Here’s a little introduction to Tapawingo Park: a park between the cities!

Tapawingo Park’s History

Many of our parks in the Lafayette, IN area demonstrate our rich history in their names. Tapawingo is no different!

According to the West Lafayette, IN City Website, Tapawingo actually means, “place of joy.” “[In] the early 1070’s… Sears Roebuck and Co., whose store was immediately to the west, donated almost five acres of riverfront property to honor one of their founders, Alvah Curtis Roebuck.  Mr. Roebuck grew up on a farm about a mile east of Klondike and received his education at Morris School in Wabash Township, and taught himself to be a watchmaker by the time he was sixteen.  While working at a small jewelry store in Hammond, he answered an ad in a Chicago newspaper for a watchmaker.  He had an interview with Richard W. Sears, and the rest is history.  The park opened in the summer of 1973.”

City of West Lafayette Website

Tapawingo Park Amenities

Tapawingo Park has something to offer for everyone. Please note, however, that this is the only place in Lafayette, IN that offers ice skating!

Tapawingo Park Hours, Location, and Reviews

Tapawingo Park is open 24 hours a day.

100 Tapawingo Dr, West Lafayette, IN 47906

Facebook, Google, and Yelp are all helpful places to find reviews!

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