Spotlight on New Richmond, IN

Out in the rural area of our Greater Lafayette, IN community, sits the little town of New Richmond, IN. This one lighted, farm town is rich in history.

In 1985, part of the movie Hoosiers calss good ol’ New Richmond, IN its home base. The movie put the town of about 350 people on the map, and has since left its mark on little things- such as the street signs. Instead of the traditional green, the signs are red, decorated with basketballs and converse. Little things like this lurk all over the town. Go ahead and give Hoosiers a watch if you want to understand the art of basketball in Indiana. Then give New Richmond, IN a visit, and you’ll really fall in love with our Hoosier Heartland.

Amenities of New Richmond, IN

There are two stores in New Richmond, IN. The Hickory Cafe and the Hickory Store. Visit The Hickory Cafe for all day breakfast, the Berge burger or pork tenderloins for lunch, and steaks or catfish or other platters for dinner. Hoosiers left its mark here too. The Hickory Cafe holds pictures from the film set of Gene Hackman and some of the locals that participated in the movie. It’s a cool place to visit after a country drive. The Hickory Store is a convenient store and it’s just that- convenient. It’s a one stop shop aiding you in you everyday life needs.

Another rich historical part of New Richmond, IN is their post office. It’s been there since the 1800’s. We just think that is cool!

New Richmond, IN has a park with a large pond where you can fish. Since New Richmond, IN is a little ways away from any city, the quiet is a nice change of pace. Come here for some views of Indiana greenery, bright blue skies, and bird chirp-ings! This park and the City of New Richmond also host one of the biggest 4th of July celebrations in our area. This is a festival you want to mark on your calendar. Vendors, food trucks, bounce houses, fishing competitions, and an amazing fireworks show are just a few things the all day event offers.

New Richmond, IN embodies the glorious rural Hoosier lifestyle. Go ahead and give it a drive through on your next country tour or consider it for your home.

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