Spotlight on Lafayette, IN GQT Eastside 10 IMAX

Seeing a movie in the theater is an experience. Fortunately for you, “A night at the movies,” in Lafayette, IN just got a face lift. One of our 3 indoor movie theaters (Goodrich Quality Theater Eastside 9) just underwent some major improvements, and we are super stoked to tell you about them!

What makes an IMAX Theater?

First thing’s first. What’s even the difference? IMAX is an all around cinematic experience. Yes, it is a larger screen (75 ft wide by 52 ft tall compared to the standard 30 to 90 feet wide by 10 to 30 feet tall ), but it’s also an audio wonderland. The IMAX theater is all about the entire room having the perfect seat. Since the screen is larger, and the audio is perfected, it creates the best possible movie seeing situation. It creates a movie-seeing EXPERIENCE. As stated by the IMAX company, “Experience the IMAX difference.” Now you can here in Lafayette, IN.

What new things can you expect to see new at the GQT Eastside 10?

Here’s a rundown on everything that’s new:

  • Obviously, an addition of an IMAX theater! Yay!
  • All theaters now have recliner seats. That’s right! Even if you’re not in the IMAX theater, you’ll still be reclining in comfort.
  • Improvements also abound in the refreshment department. An entire bar serving alcoholic beverages was added and more food options and combos came to the general food counter.
  • There are also new updates to the entire theater. New carpet, building details, and more give a fresh, clean appearance to this local Lafayette, IN classic!

We hope you enjoy the updates to our local blockbuster experience. Maybe you can take your family to see Spiderman: Far from Home or The Lion King!

GQT Eastside 10 IMAX Hours, Location, and Reviews

300 Farabee Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905

Hours are based on movie showings. Please click here to view upcoming movie showings and times available!

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