Spotlight on Bliss Salon and Spa

Bliss (n): perfect happiness; great joy.

Bliss Salon and Spa serves the Lafayette, IN area in all things beauty, and they’ve done so for 13 years now. Here’s their mission statement: “Knowing our guests as individuals & tailoring our services to compliment their needs so they may experience the reality of ‘Bliss’.” What more could you ask for in a salon/spa? Every person is different, and it’s important to have a team around you that knows how to cater to that! Bliss Salon and Spa delivers pampering and upkeep in all areas: nails, hair, waxing, skin care, massages, make up, and more. Full day spa experiences are also on the docket. Click here to view a price list for the salon, the spa, and full day packages!

Bliss Salon and Spa is unique to the Lafayette, IN area. Owners, Aaron and Bethany Tyrrell, along with 4 other stylists, an Esthetician, and 3 people that work the desk as salon coordinators that make up the salon team. Each team member has a specific role that they specialize in. Therefore, you will experience every area to it’s fullest extent. Click here to view more about the team.

The up-to-date, Modern decor style is captivating but comfortable. Everything selected- from the vanities to the pedicure foot bowls- are thoughtful, functional choices. The building is conveniently located off main roads, which provides as much serenity as possible in a city. It’s two story: salon upstairs and spa downstairs. With the right people and the right atmosphere, the time spent beautifying yourself flies.

Bliss Salon and Spa provides daily personal appointments, but they’re also available for bridal wedding day prep. Click here to view a price list for the Bridal package.

If you’re looking for a day (or maybe just an hour) of bliss, contact Bliss Salon and Spa. They’ll hook you up with whatever salon/spa treatment you need for maximum relaxation!



Hours, Location, and Reviews

3730 Rome Dr, Lafayette, IN 47905

Monday – Thursday: 9:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Friday: 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Saturday: 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

Sunday: Closed


Facebook, Google, and Yelp are all helpful places to find reviews. After visiting Bliss Salon and Spa, consider leaving a review for others to reference in the future.

Bliss Salon and Spa also has an Instagram and a blog on Tumblr. Follow them on social media to keep up with the latest styles and trends in beauty. They periodically participate in giveaways, so follow their page closely!


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