Snow Removal in Greater Lafayette, IN

Weather in Greater Lafayette, IN is unpredictable. During our winters, heavy snow falls are a reality that we face at some point. Thankfully, the City of Lafayette and West Lafayette, IN clear all of our roads. The surrounding counties also work hard to maintain snow free roads. But what about your driveways? Do you have a long, private drive that needs plowed? What about your sidewalks? Are you just over shoveling your own snow? If any of these adhere to you, here’s a starting place to find your snow removal match!

Things to know about snow removal

As a home owner or property manager, there are many things to consider when it comes to snow removal. While landscaping companies most often offer snow removal, they are two very different beasts. Landscaping shapes around aesthetics, while snow removal shapes around safety. So, we’ve gathered some tips, trades, and information for you to consider while you shop for the best fitting company for you!

  • There are 3 different types of snow removal contracts. The contracts are per event, seasonal, or full-service. Click here to view an article breaking down those details for you. Not every company offers all three contracts, but it’s a great place to start when asking questions.
  • Be sure that your snow removal company communicates well. This is vital for the rapid changes in Indiana weather and snow storms.
  • Some companies only offer snow removal for over 2″ snowfall. Be sure to clarify the minimum before contracting!

Snow Removal Companies of Greater Lafayette

  • Curbmasters, Inc (Dayton, IN): “We can provide complete snow services from plowing lots, sidewalk clearing, removal/hauling, to ice melt and salting.”
  • Crew Cuts Lawn Care (Lafayette, IN): “Our lawn care services include residential and commercial lawn mowing, mulch, flower bed planting, shrub maintenance, aeration, landscape installation, spring and fall cleanup, total lawn maintenance programs and snow removal throughout the winter months. “
  • Van Dame Outdoor Maintenance (Lafayette, IN): ” We offer plowing and shoveling services throughout the winter months. At Van Dame, we have plow trucks, tractors, snow-blowers, and shovels to meet all of your snow removal needs, and a variety of winter maintenance packages to suit your requirements. “
  • Naturescape (Lafayette, IN): “Naturescape®‘s service will include snow removal with snow plows, snow blowers, and/or shovels of driveways and all walkways. Naturescape®‘s standard service will include removal of all snow falls 2″ or greater, but we will accept other requests. We will make every effort to remove snow within 8 hours of the end of the snowfall.”
  • Green Light Lawn Care (West Lafayette, IN)
  • Atlas Lawn Care (West Lafayette, IN)
  • Bellingers Professional Grounds Maintenance, Inc. (Lafayette, IN): “We offer snow removal on a contractual basis to our clients. This service ranges from plowing and shoveling to ice melt application. Billings for snow removal is done on a time and material basis as part of our comprehensive All Season Maintenance Program.
  • Just Plow It (West Lafayette, IN): “We offer… Commercial Snow plowing, Residential Snow plowing, Snow Removal, Sidewalk Cleaning, Ice salting/spreading, Ice Melt”

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