Purdue University Upgrades and Changes

2020 brought the United States (as a whole) some pretty major daily changes. Solely focusing on the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine time, we’ve experienced quite a year together. Unfortunately, regarding COVID-19, things are fully back to “normal” yet. Purdue University and their 2020 – 2021 school year is no exception. We’re here to help navigate some details in the impact that might mean for our Greater Lafayette, IN community! Sure, on campus, there are some classroom changes for in-person and online attendees and social etiquette changes for after hours hang outs, but, on a positive note, Purdue also added a couple new businesses to campus. Join us for a brief conversation on the additions, postponed openings, and adjustments for our community while Purdue University welcomes the 2020 – 2021 school year!

Protect Purdue Pledge and Purdue Virtual Experiences

Before returning to or joining campus, each student signed the Protect Purdue Pledge. Students gave their word to protect Purdue and the Greater Lafayette, IN community, by agreeing to practice social distancing, wear masks when indoors, avoid gathering in large groups, and so much more. There were clear requirements for the students and clear action to be taken if the health and safety of other students, staff, and consequently our community are put in jeopardy! These practices and regulations will help protect our community as a whole from an unmanageable COVID-19 outbreak.

Along those same lines, many larger, regular Purdue University organized events and activities have been moved to an online platform. Check out the Purdue University Virtual Experiences page here!

Surrounding Businesses

Students and staff were obviously not the only ones effected by the 2020 – 2021 school year changes. Many surrounding businesses either opened up to welcome the student’s return or are postponing their opening to help students abide by the Protect Purdue Plan! For example, Purdue University welcomes Chick-fil-a in Griffin Hall North and Target on Chauncey Hill! These business and more are excited to help Purdue continue to grow and expand even in these trying times. Some bars and other businesses, such as the Neon Cactus, will wait until Gov. Eric Holcomb softens some of the Indiana mandates to open.

Chick-fil-A Details

Chick-fil-A Purdue University sits in Griffin Hall North! Open between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 P.M. daily, this special addition to the Purdue student’s menu accepts Purdue meal plans and Dining Dollars as well! Maybe as a student, you need a semester job. Chick-fil-A Purdue is hiring! Apply for a position here!

As always, Purdue University students will be out and about during these warmer months, and we’re thankful for everything they bring to this community. We’re excited to welcome students and staff, and The Romanski Group wishes them a safe and fun school year!

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