Practical Tips to Support Local Businesses

There’s no question, current government mandates and regulations to help keep ourselves and others safe throughout this pandemic have taken the largest financial toll on small and local businesses. Unfortunately, many have had to close doors for periods of time (or permanently) while the remainder have made serious changes and major accommodations to keep their doors open. Community efforts and camaraderie are at an all time high, though. The Greater Lafayette Commerce, Friends of Downtown, and other organizations have made efforts to serve and make small businesses accessible with events such as, “Fresh Air Eats” and “The Great Holiday Shopping Extravaganza.”

As individuals, we also have a choice and part in the matter. We can speak with our dollars and where we spend them this holiday season. Whether you’re just out for the day running errands or knocking out Christmas gifts for the family, there are local services to fit your needs. Here are just a few suggestions on how to support local mom and pops in Greater Lafayette, IN.

We have many “Small Business Spotlights” throughout our blog highlighting some local businesses of all sorts. Check those out if you need some inspiration or knowledge of what’s around town!

Eat out at Local Restaurants

While you’re out, eat at local spots. We have an amazing variety and selection of delicious, unique food options, and we’re here to tell you that these places are worth the stop.

Buy Gift Cards

It’s the season for spoiling those with local gift cards. This can include restaurants and specialty specific shops such as Flourish Art Studio and Bask Aroma.

Share on Social Media

This is a great way to show support with or without the financial means to do so. As you share their posts and promotions, you come alongside these businesses, lifting them up publicly. This means more than you can know to a small business!

Making these minor moves might just be the most major thing to happen to a small company. Our country and community are built on places like these, and this small effort and mindfulness on our part will extend far beyond this holiday season.

Merry Christmas to you, Greater Lafayette.

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