Pizza Love – Top 5 Pizza Places Around Lafayette

If we know anything around these here parts, it’s pizza. Lafayette, IN takes our pizza seriously, and you really can’t blame us. We have so many great options! Check out these pizzerias around town to see what we’re talking about!

Check out this list our team put together of our favorite pizza places around Greater Lafayette!

  1. Bruno’s Pizza and Big O’s Sports Room (West Lafayette, IN): Bruno’s has a soft spot in our heart. That spot might actually be Bruno dough because we have eaten so much over the years? Anyway, when you go to Bruno’s expect top quality ingredients, ample portions, creative and exciting flavor combination, and an environment with a heartbeat spelling P-U-R-D-U-E.
  2. Arni’s Pizza (Click here for locations): We can’t do a pizza highlight without mentioning this one. Arni’s chops their toppings into small pieces, and they pile the them high! This is a Lafayette, IN family favorite forever and ever. It’ll be another great choice for feeding your family. We’ll meet you at Arni’s!
  3. Pizza King (Click here for locations): Another Lafayette, IN staple within the same category as Arni’s. Both make a similar style pizza, and be careful which one that you claim as your favorite! There’s a little bit of a debate over which one is better! Try both and you decide!
  4. Azzip Pizza (Lafayette, IN) and LOTSA Pizza (West Lafayette, IN): Both of these pizzerias are a build-it-yourself style pizza joints. At these establishments, you order at the counter and walk through an assembly line of toppings and flavor combinations, building it as you go. Azzip and LOTSA offer plenty of pizza flavor combo suggestions, but both pizzerias encourage creativity in designing your own pizza style!
  5. Professor Joe’s Sports Pub & Pizzeria (Lafayette, IN): Professor Joe’s is both classic in the pizza world. It’s just really delicious food! Check them out.

There are SO MANY other pizza joints throughout Lafayette and West Lafayette.

There are chains and other locally owned shops. Check out: Monical’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Domino’s Pizza, Jet’s Pizza, Hot Box Pizza, Hungry Howie’s, Mad Mushroom, Papa John’s Pizza, Little Caesar’s Pizza, Parkway Pizza & Subs, Puccini’s Smiling teeth Pizza & Pasta, or Cafe Literato.

We know you’ll find your flavor here in the community.

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