National Homes in Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, IN has industry. Currently, there are multiple factories that call Lafayette, IN home to one of their production factories. These are companies such as Wabash National, SIA (Subaru), Caterpillar, GE Aviation, and more. With companies like this in our area, it provides thousands of jobs for Lafayette, IN residents, and it brings in people from all over the world, offering further support our economy than meets the eye.


Wabash National and the National Home Corporation

One of the many factories to call Lafayette, IN home is Wabash National. Present day, it produces semi truck trailers, and their production is #2 in the United States in 2017 with 54,000 trailers put out! However, truck trailer production didn’t begin at Wabash National until 1985. So, then what were they doing before that?

In 1940, National Homes became incorporated, producing prefabricated homes. According to the Harvard Business School Library, “National Homes built prefabricated and modular houses, apartments, mobile classroom units, and mobile homes. It also offered financing and insurance to its buyers.” Therefore, it was revolutionary for its time, and it supports the American Dream mindset so prevalent throughout the USA in the 1950’s.

As you can imagine, this business was a hit! “Prefabricated housing consists of components built in an off-site factory and assembled on the site of the house. Prefabrication made construction speedy: Once a foundation was laid, a house could be erected in two-to-five weeks.” Life and family development during and after World War II hinges on houses such as these.


Present Day National Homes

Today, if you’re driving through Lafayette, IN, you view many of these historic pieces of property. There were many National Homes built in their production city of Lafayette, IN during the 1940’s, 50’s, and 60’s. Now, they are still lived in and loved by many families. However, many have been remodeled or added onto by owners over the years. We are proud to have supported such a rich part of Lafayette, IN‘s industrial history.


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