Indiana’s Covered Bridge Festival 2019

Indiana’s very own Parke County hosts the state’s largest annual festival. By largest, we mean it stretches through the entire county and into 9 separate cities with crafty boutiques, yummy comfort food, beautiful artwork, and so, so much more. According the The National Covered Bridge Society, Parke County actually has the most covered bridges than any other county in the United States with 31 covered bridges. Patrons from all over the United States come for this unique, lovely festival, and we want you to be in the know about it! Keep reading for brief historical information on covered bridges, and some details on the festival itself!

History of Covered Bridges in Parke County

According to the State of Indiana’s website, covered brides have existed for over 200 years. Originally designed for protecting buggies against the elements, covered bridges answered that need, but they doubled as gathering places for revivals, festivals, and so much more. Today, many have been restored and kept to the best of the states’ and county’s abilities, and now the Parke County covered bridges are on display for you and your family during this annual event! Parke County does a great job of introducing you to this part of their history, so click here for a Parke County Covered bridge locator map. Additionally, click here for more historical information about Parke County.

Details about the Covered Bridge Festival

  • This festival runs daily from 9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. from October 11 – 20.
  • As stated, this festival stretches into 9 cities in the county. Click here to view each location in Parke County, and what craft, event, or food item each location specializes in!
  • Some fun food items you’ll find include chicken noodle dinners, ham and beans, homemade apple butter, and buried beef! Be sure to look for those in the crowd!
  • Against the rumors, there are no tickets required!

Please click here for more information on Indiana’s Covered Bridge Festival!

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