Holiday Baking Guide

There are many things that truly make the Christmas season what it is, and most of those things revolve around tradition. Each year, things such as the treasured Christmas farm visit and perfect tree hunt, gift exchanges of all kinds- family and friends or white elephant, filling stockings, Christmas movies, and holiday baking all top that wonderful list. Holiday baking is one of our favorites on that small list! There are so many memories to be made in the kitchen together.

Holiday baking and sharing the kitchen space is about making memories together. The mess won’t be there forever. These honorable mention recipes that we’ll mention further down the blog include classic favorites, new ideas, candies, and savory selections. We’ll just add in a couple of each. But first, here are our tips to best enjoy the time.

  • Be present. Intentionality goes a long way. Turn off screens and engage each person present in conversation.
  • On the flip side, maybe take the phone out for a bit to take pictures. Pictures of the time will take you back in time for years to come, and they’ll help you remember everyone exactly as they are now.
  • Add in holiday music!
  • Prep! Preparation will take much of the stress away. Make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, pre-read the baking instructions to make sure there’s no extended sit times for the dough, gather all the correct equipment, and so much more!
  • Clean up together. Serve each other and do the dishes as you go! It’ll really help the flow of life.
  • Have fun! Don’t stress.
  • Keep on the lookout in 2021 for a new house with the perfect holiday baking kitchen. If you need more space for these beautiful festivities, contact the Romanski Group! We’d love to help you find more space for your holiday season in 2021.


New ideas and twists on the classics:



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