Greater Lafayette, IN Wineries

There are wineries throughout the world, and you could easily make it a sole life-mission to fully experience and visit places within the world’s wine culture. Honestly, we think life is too short to drink bad wine. So, why not enjoy the finer side of life? Actually, according to Healthline and various other sources, drinking wine has health benefits, which explains why humans have been drinking it for centuries.

One opinion states that wine tastes best at the property where the grapes are grown. Fortunately, within an hour’s drive of Greater Lafayette, IN, we have plenty of home grown grapes-turned-to-wine facilities, so you can find the best tasting wine in the area for yourself. These wineries open to the public for you to come experience the countryside for a relaxing day or event, but most importantly, they’ll display some of that good ol’ Hoosier hospitality, making you feel at home.

Most of these locations offer various events throughout the warmer months (some are only open during those summer months!). So, allow us to encourage you to explore the websites for depth in each Indiana winery’s history, culture, and, of course, wine! Why not try them all?

Greater Lafayette, IN Wineries

  • Wildcat Creek Winery (Lafayette, IN): “Rick and Kathy Black purchased the property that is now Wildcat Creek Winery in 2007. After a year of renovations, and converting it from a once functioning farm into a winery, they opened the doors to the public. We have been making and serving our award-winning wines here since 2008.”
  • Carpenter Creek Cellars (Remington, IN): ” Carpenter Creek Cellars is the full realization of two dreams: Ed Courtright wanted to grow grapes in northern Indiana to supply wineries in the area, and Randy Rottler hoped to start a small winery. After meeting and discussing some preliminary business ideas, Randy and Ed created a dynamic partnership, starting a small winery and vineyard. Carpenter Creek Cellars began construction in late 2011, opening to the public on March 23, 2013.”
  • Fruitshine Wine (Monticello, IN): Open from May through October. This winery has a Spanish heritage influence, which makes their family recipe stand out from the rest!
  • Whyte Horse Winery (Monticello, IN): “We are a family-owned business, established in 2006. We make a variety of wines, all at our Monticello production facility. We offer wine tastings during our normal business hours, you are welcome to stop by for tasting, purchase bottles, or stay for a glass on our patios!”

Indianapolis, IN

These wineries sit on the north side of Indianapolis, IN. So, they are additional options to consider when you explore the wineries of our area!

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