Father’s Day in Great Lafayette, IN

COVID-19 might have interrupted your traditional Father’s Day plans, but it certainly can’t keep you from lovin’ that genuine dad of your’s to the fullest! Unfortunately, we don’t have any formal, scheduled Father’s Day events in Greater Lafayette, IN to inform you of this year. Local businesses and organizations are all doing their part for the community and following CDC and TCHD guidelines by not hosting events. However, we have a few ideas to inspire you in making the day special! Here are some practical gift ideas. You can always send some in a care package! It’s just around the corner. How will you bless the socks off of that special father this year?

  • Outdoor Theme:
    • Hiking backpack
    • Water Bottle
    • hiking stick
    • beach gear
    • sunglasses
  • Sports Theme:
    • cones for training
    • knee or ankle braces
    • basketball, football, soccer ball, tennis racket, etc.
    • Spike ball set!
    • Favorite player’s jersey
    • fishing rod
  • Game Theme:
    • whoppie cushion
    • board games
    • online games or controllers
  • Kitchen Theme:
    • Cast iron skillet
    • cook book
    • spatula
    • smoker or grill
  • Hunting Theme:
    • scent free laundry soap
    • arrows for his bow or ammo for his rifle
    • gift card to Cabela’s or Bass Pro
  • Music Theme:
    • guitar picks
    • lesson book
    • harmonica or spoons
    • pedal for his guitar
    • cow bell for his drums
  • Other Ideas:
    • wallet
    • tie
    • shoes
    • cologne
    • collection coins
    • stocks

If you’ve read this far, and found nothing to apply to your life, consider some quality time. We, of course, strongly encourage that you following the CDC guidelines of social distance before doing any of these recommendations. Be safe! Take or make your father dinner. Go fishing together. Ride bikes on the Wabash Heritage Trial. Enjoy an afternoon on the back patio!

We genuinely wish you and your’s a Happy Father’s Day from the Romanski Group!

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