Farmer’s Market in Lafayette

The Indiana farmer’s markets are an experience. Picture this:

An Indiana summer morning. The air is cool and still before a break of light from the sun. Birds chirping. Grass dewy. This is a moment to take a deep breath in and be still.

Now move yourself into downtown Lafayette. You’re on 5th street- a brick road surrounded by the updated but old historic buildings that make our little town’s character so wonderful. It’s Saturday- the most glorious of days. There is a little wrestle present as a few farmers from around the area gather to set up their booths. They unload carts full of the in-season fruit and vegetables and set up their signage. Some have been doing this every summer Saturday morning for years and years. It’s a huge part of their lives.

The morning progresses and you make your rounds through the maze of vendors. You spot local farmers, businesses, and families selling merchandise. Items such as fresh flowers, fruit, vegetables, baked goods, coffee, candles, crafts, lunch items, and more are available. Each vendor sells their specialty product, and this specific atmosphere can’t be created anywhere else. It’s community, direct involvement in someone’s life, and genuine product.


We walked you through one Lafayette, IN Farmer’s Market experience, but the good news is that there are three in the area throughout the week. Check them all out!

Hours and Locations

As we’ve mentioned, Lafayette, IN offers a farmer’s market in three locations throughout the area every Saturday morning from May to October. Therefore, beginning this week- it’s in full swing! Summer is just around the corner.

Something noteworthy is that most of the farms represented are certified organic. By supporting the local farmers, you’re actually getting the highest quality of product as each is in season. Please consider shopping at the local farmer’s market!


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