Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Many people have heard of Scout- the Elf on the Shelf! He’s an elf you can, “adopt” into your home as an addition to your holiday fun! Tradition says Scout and his friends (other adopted elves) head home during the night to report children’s behavior to Santa. Then, they come back to their adopted home in a fun, creative spot, displaying that they did (in-fact) make a quick overnight trip to the North Pole! Some elves delight in spoiling their guardian family with small gifts throughout the Christmas season. Meanwhile, some of those pesky elves are just plain ol’ up-to-no-good: pranking and causing mischief in their host home! No matter the personality of your Greater Lafayette, IN-housed elves, the challenge for Mom and Dad to move the elf in the name of Christmas cheer can be a bit stressful! Here are some new, creative solutions for your daily December Elf on the Shelf placement.

The official Elf on the Shelf website fills an elaborate page with ideas for where to place your elf, but we hope this small list of 10 ideas help launch creative, festive Christmas joy inside your home!

  • Elf making Christmas spaghetti – you know, because those elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrups.
  • Toilet Treasure – wrap your toilet in wrapping paper for some sweet little giggles!
  • Elf snatching a cookie out of the cookie jar- He’s just stealing one for Santa!
  • Elf writing letters to the kids
  • Elf on a field trip- put him in a plastic container for the kiddos to tote around the house. Littles can show the elf all around the house! This keeps them busy all day!
  • Streamer Fun- Grab some party streamer (or, even toilet paper) and give your kids a surprise in the morning, when they realize Elf has trapped them in their bedroom. Just tape the streamer across their door way and then have the elf holding the remaining streamer.
  • Hit the gym – All you need is a straw and two marshmallows to make it look like Elf is pumping serious iron.
  • Micro popcorn fun – Stash Elf in the microwave with an exploded bag of microwave popcorn and it will entertain your kids for at least 20 minutes trying to find him.
  • Snow Angels – All you need is rice, flour, sprinkles, sugar or pretty much anything for Elf to make snow angels in.
  • Elf Yoga – Grab the barbies or super hero figures and have them all in a yoga pose. Create a mat with a few sheets of toilet paper or construction paper. This year is all about self-care and Elf on the Shelf pretty flexible after all.

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