DIY Home Projects for Fall

Fall is an open invitation for fun and/or practical DIY home projects. Here are a few ideas to begin the process of winterizing your Lafayette, IN home.

  • Leaf Removal. Department stores such as Menard’s, Rural King, and Walmart, have brown paper leaf bag for sale. If you’re not into removing leaves yourself, click here to view some companies that would love to help you with all of your leaf removal dreams. Also, click here to view the City of Lafayette’s Yard Waste Guidelines if you plan to do it yourself.
  • Window draft check. As the winds pick up and the temperatures drop, there will be plenty of opportunities for you see if your windows need any new caulking. Take a lit candle and move it slowly along the interior of your window frames on a breezy, cool night. If there is a draft, you’ll see the candle flicker! Then you’ll figure out if you need to repair it or not!
  • Gutters! Obviously, you’ll want to keep them clean throughout the season, and that might require you to clean them a few times before winter. However, there are many things to consider when it comes to your gutters! You can very easily install mesh, gutter covers that allow the water to flow through, but also protect your gutters from leaf build up. Now is also a great time to check for necessary gutter replacements or repairs. Click here to view services offered throughout Lafayette for those needs!
  • Chop wood and build a fire pit. Now this is fun kind of fall prep! Click here to view different DIY pit styles and ideas. Then click here to view the rules and regulations for fire pits within city limits. Your creative bone will get a work out with this one!
  • Now for the REALLY fun stuff! There are so many great decor ideas out there for Fall. Be inspired!
    • Dry out pine cones. Not only does this provide you with some fun little pretties to sit out around your home, but the process makes your home smell amazing! Click here to view how to do that.
    • Wreathes! Click here for a few ideas.
    • There are many gourd, colored Indian corn stalks, or artificial leaves and straw options in your local grocery store.
    • Jack-O-Lanterns! You know the drill on this one.
  • Plant a tree! Spring and Fall are the best times of the year to plant trees.



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