DIY Holiday Decor

Holiday decorating has finally begun! Maybe you get most of your decor from a big box store, but, perhaps in this year’s experience, you want to build a new tradition or create something fresh. Many generational stories before us tell of crafting Christmas decorations with family members. Fill your holiday season with laughs and togetherness through creating! Small DIY projects like these are easy to do, and can absolutely knit people as one. Here are some launching point ideas to bring your Greater Lafayette, IN home to life this holiday season!

Get extra clipping from your local tree farm to craft your own wreathes, sashes, grave blankets, or garland. Many local tree farms sell loose, trimmed branches from their trees for a small fee. Support a local business while also using these resources to your advantage! You might be able to forage some pinecones, holly leaves/berries, or pampas grass from your own yard for a little flare! Additionally, check Hobby Lobby, Target, or JoAnn’s for dried florals!

Orange garland! This is a super easy craft! Simply slice oranges in 1/4 – 1/8 slices and bake at 250 for 5 – 6 hours. It makes the house smell AMAZING! String the dried pieces and hang anywhere to give that space added texture and natural vibes.

Grandma’s favorite… Popcorn and cranberry garland! This one’s a classic. It brings the entire family together. One holds the string, another makes the popcorn, another dries cranberries, and still another strings it onto the string! There are jobs for everyone here, and it’s no mystery as to why this one has been a household favorite for years and years and years.

Family photo Christmas cards! Use an online, user friendly platform such as Shutterfly to send all your extended family updated family photos. These keepsakes last all year long on refrigerators or card displays, bringing all family together no matter the distance.
Pro tip.. Shutterfly also sells canvas prints. Grab up Christmas gifts for close family members too while you’re on the website! Grandparents love pictures of their grandchildren through the house!

Create your own ornaments on Zazzle. Did you have a unique 2021 experience that you’d like to commemorate somehow? Zazzle is another user friendly online platform that helps you create the perfect ornament for any memory. You can even make it perfectly match you home’s Christmas color scheme too.

Salt Dough ornaments produce the perfect hand print mold/keepsake for a small child. If your children are older or you have multiple, just create fun shapes in the salt dough and add fingerprints of each child later, after they cook!

Not into the mess salt dough produces? DIY glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby might be your solution! Grab clear, glass bulbs and have your littles paint the outside or stuff the inside with fake snow, small bless, or even brown plastic/paper bags. These make for fun expression without the mess. Don’t have kiddos? Maybe even host your own ornament painting party with friends!

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