DIY Christmas Gifts

There are so many people in our lives that we can go the extra mile for and lavish gifts upon for the Christmas season. There’s the immediate family who take up the bulk of the Christmas care, but what about the mail man or garbage/recycle crew and the frontline workers you know or have cared for you in a special way this year? Gift giving and delivery might look a little different for Christmas 2020, and that’s okay. There are online options to send a treat far and wide, but actually, there’s another route available. You can always send a DIY care package made with love. Mail it directly to a friend or family member far away or just set it out for the folks whom you want to say, “I appreciate you and your service.” Here are a few budget friendly DIY Christmas gift ideas to get your creative mind a-turnin’.

Christmas Goodie Mason Jars

This is one of the most versatile and unique wats to gift friends and family. You can do so much with a mason jar! Who knew?

Home Spa Treats

At home spa treatments are a always a great idea for the well maintained people in your life. There are tons of ways to attack this beast! Here’s a short list.

Hot Cocoa Bombs

These trendy little golden gifts will have all the family and friends going crazy! What a convenient and easy way to get yourself a cup of delicious hot cocoa. Here’s a blog post with over 35 flavors of hot cocoa bombs to make and share!

Decor Gift Ideas

Christmas Toilet Paper Rolls

Just for laughs here, and in total light of 2020 and all its glory, wrap up the most glorious gift of all- toilet paper. This hot commodity is bound to get a good laugh from the giftee. Honestly, if folks are short on toilet paper, this gift could really improve someone’s quality of life, and that’s what we’re all about here at the Romanski Group.

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