Declutter Your Home

Quarantine and COVID-19 has us searching for things to do around our Greater Lafayette, IN homes. So, instead of ordering a bunch of new stuff on Amazon, let’s declutter and tackle that closet or spare room that we’ve been putting off. Here are a few ideas from our team on where to begin, but we’re also going to list a few helpful resources for your further investigation or motivation- whatever you need!

Start with these few areas of your house and purge these things! Thanks, Clean My Space YouTube Channel for the inspiration!

  • Toss expired products in the kitchen and bathrooms. Donate any other canned items or hair products that you know you won’t use anymore. Check in on the hair tie and headband collection as well. Take out the stretched our and broken ones! Make up, nail polish, cleaners, and the medicine cabinet can be gone through like this too!
  • Old boxes or shoe boxes that you’ve held on to. If you haven’t used them by now, you probably won’t use them!
  • While, we’re at it: Shoes! Donate ones you don’t wear anymore.
  • Candles. We hold on to these, trying to get to that very last drop. You don’t need these! Check out this link to re-purpose those jars!
  • Declutter your email by unsubscribing to unused retailers. Don’t delete ones from us though. 🙂 Delete access items from your phone while you’re at it! Delete excess or duplicate pictures, apps, old contacts.
  • Tupperware! Get rid of ones that don’t have matching lids or bottoms.
  • With all of the current at home school work and art projects, don’t feel pressured to keep it all. Pick your favorites, display them on the fridge. Make sure to cycle them through or put the old ones into a scrapbook! There are even some online resources for children’s artwork collection.
  • Cups and mugs and shot glasses! Slim down your specialty mugs and cups to free up room in your kitchen.
  • Get rid of paper clutter by safely storing receipts on a safe, online resource.
  • Responsibly dispose of old computers, cell phones, and chords that have no home!
  • Old text books from grad school or cookbooks that you don’t need anymore because of the internet!

Ask these few questions when you’re trying to decide if your should get rid of something.

  • Does a friend have this item that I could maybe borrow if I need it?
  • Do I HONESTLY think I’ll get to that DIY project I have great intentions for?
  • Do I need this item?
  • How many of these scarves, socks, t-shirts do I need?


We hope this was helpful to get you started. Happy decluttering. We will see you at the local thrift stores once the shelter in place order is lifted. It’s gonna have some great stuff for sale!

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