Best Burgers in Lafayette and West Lafayette

Biting into a cheese burger just feels so American. Here are some of the best burgers in Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana.


Best Burgers in Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana

  • DT Kirby’s (Downtown, Lafayette, IN): If you’re a foodie of any level, you’ll need to check this place out. Angus burgers where the intention is messy, quality, original recipes, and you’ll receive just that! We are talking fresh patties with house made seasonings. YUM! DT’s also has an option to make any of their burgers with beef from the Chicago Meat District, which is 100% USDA prime beef! Owner, Don Kriby, makes his way around to every table if he is in the house. The hospitality is rockin’. You’ll never forget D.T. Kirby’s once you’ve come to hang out!
  • Five Guy’s (West Lafayette, IN): Five Guy’s is a chain restaurant that originated in Arlington, Virginia. It’s a fast casual dining experience, but they make each burger to order. You can build it to personal perfection with all the classic burger toppings, or dazzle it with options such as grilled onions and peppers, A1 sauce,  fresh jalepeno peppers, and more. One patty? Double patty? Bacon? Don’t forget to try their fries. There is a reason this place is located all over the United States!
  • AJ’s Burger’s & Beef (West Lafayette, IN & Lafayette, IN): Voted “Best Burger” in 2015 and “Best Delivery Restaurant” in 2016 & 2017 by Purdue’s Exponent, AJ’s Burgers are 1/3 lbs of pure fresh, never frozen beef. The unique thing about AJ’s is actually their burger challenge. If you can finish 2 lbs of angus beef, loaded with bacon and cheese, loaded waffle fries, and a drink in 13 mins, you’ll get your burger free! Let the positive peer pressure begin: DO IT!
  • Scotty’s Brewhouse (West Lafayette, IN): Scotty’s has an array of unusual, original burger recipes. They feature one with peanut butter as a topping. It’s so good! Each month, Scotty’s has a “Burger of the month” option. March’s burger is “Silence of the Lamb.” Lamb patty topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, greek tzatziki sauce, and dill salad on a brioche roll sounds great to us. Gourmet burgers are their specialty. Gluten free buns are available!
  • Triple XXX (West Lafayette, IN) – Purdue University would be incomplete without the Triple XXX.  Burgers are all cut and ground fresh and are named for former players like the Bernie Flower with a hunk of onion.  The iconic orange and black building has been featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and has been serving the West Lafayette community since 1929.  So grab a friend and take a seat at the counter to enjoy a delicious double cheese burger with the infamous root beer or maybe go for the Drew Brees breakfast!
  • Lafayette Brewing Company (Downtown, Lafayette, IN): Lafayette Brewing Company has a build your own burger feature with options of dry-aged steak, beef, turkey, vegan, or bison! We’ve heard that the Bison burger is the way to go. After you choose your meat, you’ll choose your bread. Sourdough? Rye? Jalapeno Corn Sandwich bread or pretzel bun? There are just as many options of cheese and toppings too!


Specialty Options

  • Walt’s Other Pub (Lafayette, IN): Walt’s Other Pub isn’t distinctly known for their burgers. They are actually known for their delicious chicken wing sauce! They do serve burgers, however, and they offer something specifically original: a deep fried burger. The Boilermaker. It’s a burger in all it’s glory, battered and deep fried, and is definitely worth a try! If this sounds like too much for you, they offer a complete 180 in a bun-less option on a bed of lettuce.
  • East End Grill (Downtown, Lafayette, IN): East End is an American Grill with a 1/2 lb burger option. It’s the only burger option, so you know they’ll do what they do right!
  • 6th Street Dive (Downtown, Lafayette, IN): There is actually only one “all time” burger option at this Tex-Mex cuisine centered dive. They run specials which sometimes feature specialty burgers. This newly restored dive spanks their patties by hand, and you’ll love this place! Totally worth a try.


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