Back to School Preparation with COVID-19

School’s newest adventure: COVID-19. No matter what you’ve chosen to be the best route to take for your family, it’s going to look different this year. Masks or no masks, E-learning full time, homeschooling full time, or even a hybrid classroom policy- schools throughout the state have differing learning plans. And that’s okay! Join us here for just a few tid-bits and trades for a great school year for all in the Greater Lafayette, IN school districts. We’ll list a few hopefully helpful recommendations for a smooth transition, and then list some resources that might aid you in other ways.

Additional School Supplies

In addition to your normal, school issued list, you’ll want to grab these few items if your child is attending in-person school. Be sure to check with your school’s website, and maybe even with the individual teacher for any other items you might need.

  • Face masks/coverings
    • Target has small sized masks available. Amazon, Sam’s club, Bailey Blue, Once Upon a Child and other retailers also supply these.
  • Personal hand sanitizer
  • Water bottle
    • Many drinking water fountains are shut down due to sanitary regulations. Just be sure to check in and see what your classroom’s policy is on this, and prepare to send water with your child!
  • Disposable lunch bags and items – check out some ideas here.


Communication with your child, no matter which route you’ve chosen to take might be the most important part of this entire adventure. The parent’s attitude can set the tone for the school year and the students attending school. If you model an attitude of flexibility during these uncertain times, your child will, in most cases, follow your lead. A positive attitude toward all the changes could go a long way!


The CDC put out an extensive and detailed checklist to help families adjust to their back to school routine. This includes many points about the in-person school selection as well as at home or virtual learning tips. There are many resources on this website for coping with stress and change for a child. This is a valuable resource!

Here’s an article filled with tips for virtual leaning from Many points in this include routine maintenance, maintaining motivation, and parental monitoring.

The Indiana Department of Education has an entire web page set up for homeschooling. Need to know your state guidelines and requirements? Or maybe how to make the official transition into homeschooling? Check out this link here!

The Romanski Group has a blog post detailing school district information. Links to each school district website are included. Check that out here!

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