Activities to Entertain the Kids

What day is it? Week? Month? If you’re a parent during this quarantine, it’s actually likely that you know exactly what day it is. You know because you-champion-of-all champions-you, are balancing a new schedule for virtual schooling and virtual extracurricular activities with your kids home full time. Not to mention, you might even be working full time for home! We see you. You’re doing great. We want to help! Greater Lafayette, IN is a family centered community, and we’ve got a couple ideas for entertainment within the walls of your home along with a few outside as well. We hope this helps. Keep up the good work!

Entertainment at Home

The video games and driveway chalk drawings can only go so far. Here are some creative spring board to get the juices flowing!

  • Camp out in the living room or in the backyard: This is a personal favorite. Building forts or you tents in the backyard gives great bonding without the inconvenience of leaving your property. Build a campfire and even try making dinner over it!
  • Obstacle course: Get creative on this one! Here’s a link for some inspiration. Up over chairs, use a 2×4 for an on the floor balance beam, small sprints for bigger homes. Record times and try to beat one another! A little healthy competition never hurt anyone.
  • Music makers: For all you musicians out there, bring your kids in on the fun! Record it and post it for others to enjoy as well. Kids love to sing, and this will be a great confidence booster!
  • Chalk art with messages: Maybe you haven’t thought of this yet? Decorate your sidewalks with encouraging messages for your neighbors and passer-bys.
  • Crafts: Pinterest in your best friend! Crafts help apply what the kids are learning in their classes as well. Your windows are great places for messages too. Create a craft and hang it in the window or maybe use some washable window markers!
  • Board Games: These are super fun and can be modified for all ages. Unless you play Monopoly., which is known to cause family division. You’ve been warned!
  • Movie night: Make it a big deal! You’ve got time, so sit down and watch something together without any other distractions. Order a pizza (or make it homemade), make popcorn, buy some sweet treats, and act like you’re in a theater. A projector screen really helps with the feel!
  • Books: On top of study this can be difficult, but reading is so great for brain development. Take a break from the screens and pick up a good read.

Entertainment Outdoors

  • Geocaching: There are many fun places to explore in Tippecanoe county with this fun app!
  • Online fitness courses: Great for getting the extra energy out for all ages! Youtube has plenty to choose from.
  • Walks around the neighborhood: Give those neighbors a good ol’ Hoosier wave as you go by!
  • Family bike rides: Click here to view bike trails in Indiana!
  • Nature trails and state parks throughout Indiana are open for safe, social distance friendly hiking. Maybe you’ll even find a Morel mushroom or 2.
  • Fishing: Click here to view a few public spots you can try around the county!
  • Puppy: What better time than now? You’re home to train! Plus, they’re so entertaining.
  • Garden: Bring the kids in on all your gardening and landscaping fun! Digging in the dirt is good for the soul.

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