9 Tips for Working from Home

Many Greater Lafayette, IN business, companies, radio shows, and schools recently made the switch for their employees to an online platform. This is a great aid to the social distance guidelines, while also keeping the work flow regular. However, if you’re beginning to feel burnt out, behind, or over your workspace at home, we’ve got you for some encouragement. Staying healthy and productive during this extended quarantine time is important. Overall, in any team workplace setting, communication is key, and now that truth is heightened as we learn how to work together separately. Try some of these tips for a fresh perspective on your work from home!

This blog post was inspired by an artcle from Inc. titled, “23 Essential Tips for Working Remotely.”

Your Workspace

  1. Stick to a schedule. The tendency might be to wake up later and work later, but a normal schedule with normal hours helps cultivate regularity. Schedule in stretch breaks, lunches and snacks, and rest times. Then stick to it! Leave work at work, and designate work hours for sanity purposes.
  2. Lay ground rules with family members and roommates to protect your work time. This keeps from distractions and poor time management. Boundaries are healthy!
  3. Create your space. Semi organize your desk, so that your thoughts aren’t scattered. Try a standing desk alternative for help with back pain. Purchase a comfortable chair and hands free telephone options for overall, sustainable work from home life. Additionally, create your video station with good lighting and minimal background noise! At some point, you’ll need to video call, so don’t shy away from it. Embrace it instead.
  4. Dress professionally. Continuing your daily routines not only increases your productivity, but it also will keep your spirits up through the day. You never know when you’ll have an impromptu video chat. This will decrease stress in those moments.

Work Etiquette and Communication

As we stated before, communication is key! Follow these tips to keep your team working like a well oiled machine.

  1. Know what your company requires for remote working. Your HR department probably has some information and guideline for this.
  2. Over-communicate with your team. This is a good rule of thumb overall, but it’s so important right now! Make sure to protect your team from failure by making sure they definitely know what is expected of them and what’s expected of you.
  3. Be available. This is especially important if you manage or oversee any team members. Give clear instruction for your availability if you also need to juggle your own calls and conferences.
  4. Keep your team encouraged by noting project progression. This boosts morale and keeps everyone on the straight and narrow! Sharing files works great for this too. Use a program such a Google for your file sharing needs.
  5. Have fun together! Continue the fun chats or check-ins before a meeting like you would if you were still in the office. Reach out and encourage a teammate! This small act of kindness will go a long way for the long haul.

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