3 Places to Explore while Family is Visiting for Graduation

Graduation Caps Thrown in the Air

That time of year is just around the corner! When the weather begins to warm up, flowers appear, the sun stays out long, and oh yeah GRADUATION!!! What an exciting time of your life. The time where you are leave on chapter and embarking on a new one. It is a time to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go.

The best part about big life changes are the people who come around you to celebrate. Family travels from all over just celebrate you and your accomplishments. Wow! How exciting to know you have overcome every obstacle that said you shouldn’t and you made it!

Now you’re probably thinking what opportunities does the Greater Lafayette area have for my family and I to enjoy together? You don’t have to worry a bit, because there are endless places to explore in the Greater Lafayette area. Here are 3 of many places to go.

  1. Down town shops

Greater Lafayette area may not be a big city, but we have a lot to offer. One of those being our downtown area. There is so much to do downtown it can easily take up an entire day. Downtown Lafayette have everything from antique shops to coffee shops to chocolate shops, and every a couple record stores.

It not just the shops that are so captivating, but the people who own them. Their stories are what pull you in for a closer look. For instance, the restaurant DT Kirbys. This bar and grill has been around since I can remember they have recently remodeled  and moved across from where they were located.

The cool thing about DT Kirbys is that its not only a bar, but a place for the whole family.The family can come and enjoy a meal together. They execute the family environment by splitting the room down the middle separating the bar area from the family side. The owner is down to earth, and friendly. Makes you almost feel apart of the family yourself.

Spending a day in the shops and restaurants downtown is the perfect way to enjoy time in the Greater Lafayette area with your family.

  1. Linden Depot

A second place to explore near the Greater Lafayette area is the Linden Depot. This is the perfect spot if you have young cousins, nieces, or nephews. It is a history museum of the train station that used to run here in the area.

The train was completed in 1985, known as the “Chicago, Indianapolis & Louisville Railroad.” While there you get the opportunity to hear about the history of the train,  tour the station, and check out the inside of the of the carts. It’s something you won’t want to pass up going to. The time my family and I went there we had a blast. The Greater Lafayette area does not disappoint when it comes to sharing our history through different avenues.

  1. Happy Hollow park and tails

There are many other places to visit in the Greater Lafayette area, one of my favorites is Happy Hollow park. This is a great place to spend some quality time with your family. The park is great because it has so much to offer.

The park offers many different activities depending on how active or chill your family may be. If you are a very active family there are open grassy areas for playing sports like kickball, softball, throwing a football or frisbee, as well as a sand volleyball area.

For those families who are active, Happy Hallow also has quite a few tails you can walk, run, or bike; that give you a chance to explore the grounds. These trails range from easy to moderate. For those family who are all about sitting  and having a good time hanging out in each others presence, Happy Hollow has a grilling area.

This area includes grills, tables, and a covering over the tables. It is also right beside the playground where the kids can play while you sit and enjoy your time together. There is nothing better than knowing you had great time while your family was in town visiting!

Even in a small city like the Greater Lafayette area, never doubt that there are fun things to take part in! Also after graduation there are many housing options to explore. For housing options check out The Romanski group.

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