7 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

The Spring Market is in full swing, and we here, at the Romanski Group, are down to help you think about all the major and minor needs you have for prepping your home for sale. Here’s a small checklist for you to go over before putting your house on the market!

HGTV’s list inspired this post. You can find that article here!

  1. Improve your landscaping and clean the exterior. This is huge! First impressions make or break it for a lot of people, so go ahead and spruce this up first and foremost. A power wash to the siding, mulch, clean gutters, sticks picked up, and the yard mowed are just a few ideas to get you started!
  2. Make Repairs! A large investment, such as into a home, seems like less of a tackle job and more joyful when there aren’t 100 things they need to fix before moving in. Making repairs (both major and minor) gives potential buyers the ability to visualize themselves in the home, not focusing on all the repairs they need to make!
  3. Make the Front Door Inviting/Buy a welcome mat. This is so true! Invite potential buyers in! A fresh coat of paint on the door and maybe new numbers or a new mailbox will keep people expectant for what’s to come.
  4. Remove Clutter and depersonalize/Organize closets and drawers. Potential Buyers are about to be all up in your business. They’re peaking in every nook and cranny. You will too when you go on the hunt for your new home! It’s totally a natural part of the process. However, you want folks to see just how much they can store in each area of the home. You also want them to be able to picture themselves as living in the space. Therefore, take down any personal pictures, memorabilia, or detailed item that doesn’t tie in with your aesthetic design in order to let others really find themselves “making a home.”
  5. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN! You want all areas of your house to shimmer and shine. This includes (but is not limited to): fans, tables, chairs, carpets, cabinets, garages floors, trim, mirrors, and more!
  6. Paint walls a neutral color. Neutral colors open more possibilities for others to, once again, imagine themselves living in your home. It’s all about the buyer having vision!
  7. Remove bad odors! Put away any litter boxes, clean out the ‘fridge, and take out the trash! These are the bare necessities to showing your home. Some tips and tricks for air fresheners? Try baking some cookies, running a load of laundry right before people come, or lighting a mildly scented candle.

When you go to prep your home for sale in Greater Lafayette, IN, we hope you also think of the Romanski Group. We’d love to help you sell your home.

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