5 Ways to Start the School Year Off Right!

Here we go! We’re jumping right back into school for the kiddos, and it happened quick! Greater Lafayette, IN offers some amazing schools, both public and private, that’ll be sure to set your student up for academic success. However, there are a few things you can intentionally do at home to prep both the student and the entire family for the upcoming year. Here are our suggestions.

School’s Back!

  1. Finish up your Summer Fun lists. We hope you had a great summer in the Greater Lafayette, IN area with our recommended Summer Bucket List! If you haven’t completed it, you still have time! Wrap it up with a trip to the Drive In as a family, a run in the Purdue Fountains, or a phosphate from McCord’s Candies!
  2. Be sure you rest up. While you consider how you’re going to complete this awesome list you’ve created, be sure to budget time for some R&R (rest and relaxation). Perhaps a mani/pedi or a massage at Bliss Salon & Spa. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you later!
  3. Brush up on some reading. Fresh minds take time to procure, so take it slow and ease into some daily reading for your student (or for yourself if you’re a teacher!). Maybe take a stroll and check out Main Street Books!
  4. The right school supplies are critical. Starting the year off right with the correct, helpful tools can make the transition to school seamless. For instance, check out this awesome pencil case! The Greater Lafayette, IN area thrives in product availability through our various department stores and the mall. You’ll find everything you need right here in town. We’re super thankful to live in a city with so many resources.
  5. Start slow. There are many benefits to observing before jumping head first into school’s activities. Of course, start out on your best foot and complete the homework, but know that school’s a marathon! Enjoy the process by beginning slow!

Happy School Year, everyone!

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