3 new and improved summer fads you don’t want to miss for your wedding

beautiful wedding table

  1. The invitations

One new fun trend this summer is to use floral designs on your invitations. This would include, but of course not limited to, wreaths and vine motifs. The idea is to create a classy yet elegant look, one all your friends will ‘ooh and ahh’ over when they open it up. There are multiple ways to execute this fad. You can use a floral frame or put a monochromatic floral design at the top center almost like a seal or watermark. You can create a floral design going across the edges of your invitation or have a vine coming down one side. Lastly, you can go for a more rustic look by using a diffused water color design.

  1.  The cake

The wedding cake tradition has always been to have a white cake. This summer step outside the box by customising your cake to better fit your wedding. Create an almost colorless pastel cake  and decorate it with summer flowers made with sugar. This gives your cake the flare you want.

Alongside your masterpiece cake place multiple smaller cakes on the table giving you the option to use a variety of colors and flavors. Your guests will love getting  to try fun summer cake flavors, such as strawberry, pistachio, and orange.

  1. The dress

Everything lace! A trend that started last year, but just isn’t going to fade anytime soon. Only now, they are seen on the red carpet with a nude, sea foam green, light blue, or pink underlays. Some pretty wild and crazy ideas, but would be perfect for a summer outdoor wedding.

The next big idea for your perfect summer wedding is a two in one dress. A dress long and elegant, done in lace, for your ceremony. Then imagine being able to detach a section to better enjoy any outdoor reception. Genius!!

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