3 Helpful Tips for Neighborhood Selection

Greater Lafayette, IN is a great place to live, and we’re not just saying that. There are many contributing factors to this claim. However, some of the biggest pertain to our growing industrial and business presence. This benefits Greater Lafayette, IN community members in obvious ways such as product and job availability, diversity, rising incomes and therefore rising house prices. When you take Lafayette, IN through the list of, “10 Things You Should Look for When Choosing a New Neighborhood,” from Forbes Magazine, it checks all the boxes!

Now that you’re convinced to move this direction or stay for a lifetime, here are some “smaller scale” neighborhood selection pointers. When you scope out a suburb or small subdivision, keep these things in mind.

  1. Upkeep of surrounding houses. There are certain factors to this, but overall, the houses throughout the neighborhoods reflect a couple things.
    • It can sometimes reveal the presence of an HOA (Home Owner’s Association) or the absence of one. An HOA can be helpful in overall appearance, requiring community members to purchase certain mailboxes or other exterior house items.
    • It can also allude to the rental to home ownership ratio. This is important because a healthy, established neighborhood has a mixture of both rentals and owners. Forbes says, “According to industry estimates, you want to ideally buy in a community where less than 25% of homes are rented out.”
  2. School district
    • “One Realtor.com survey found 91% of prospective home buyers said school boundaries were important in their search. There’s no shortage of school ratings online, but the data can be narrow. GreatSchools.org, for instance, compares test results for all schools in the state, which the site admits is a limited snapshot of school quality. ” Fortunately, West Lafayette School Corporation is currently number one in the state on Indiana and number 14 in the nation according to Niche.com.
  3. Presence in the community.
    • The benefits of living in town and in a community are the people themselves! Be sure to explore the options for the neighborhood on summer activities for pools, gyms, ponds, block parties, garage sales, and more!

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