3 Easy Vacation Spots Near You

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As summer is approaching you must know your options for short, easy vacations. Especially, if you have a full time job or an internship, it can be hard to take time off for long vacations . There is a way to keep your full schedule while also having fun. You can do this by taking a day or weekend trip to someplace new or familiar on the  weekends..

Here are 3 of of the best places to go:

  1. Clifty Falls State park

Clifty Falls State park is an easy destination for  a short weekend trip. The state park is located in Madison, Indiana. It is about for three hours from central Lafayette. Clifty Falls is known for their waterfalls you can hike to on scenic trails. They also have events that run throughout the year.A few of their main events include fireworks, car shows, living history, reenactments of historical events, volunteer days, and fishing derbies. On top of their beautiful trails,waterfalls, and events;Clifty Falls also has a small town where you can explore, enjoy dinner, and relax. It’s perfect for a nearby vacation spot.

  1. Turkey Run

A place a little closer to home is Turkey Run State Park. Turkey Run is a little over an hour from central Lafayette. This is the perfect vacation spot if you just want to  explore and get some fresh air for the day. The trails to hike vary from easy to moderate to difficult, entailing rocky paths and rough hills on the difficult trails. There are also many camping options in case you are looking  for a weekend getaway. There is an area designated to campers and or tent where you can stay. It is a great spot to go with friends or family for a day or a short weekend.

  1. St. Joseph Silver Beach

St. Joseph Beach is about two and a half hours from central Lafayette. Exploring trails and seeing waterfalls are great, but sometimes you just need an easy vacation spot to sit and relax on the beach.

St. Joseph is one of my favorite beaches for many reasons, it’s clean, beautiful, and has more to do than just the beach. St. Joseph is a historical town which used to have a carnival directly on the beach.The amusement park is no longer there, however, they have restored the old carousel  and are bringing back its historical feel.

St. Joseph  has a beautiful town with shops a short walk from the beach.  The town has adorable options for food, shopping, and sometimes they have a market for different venues to come and sell their products. St. Joseph is the perfect little beach getaway near you.  



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